louis l asked:

Under bear stock market,hot penny stock seems more likely to make money than any other kinds of stocks.But how to pick hot penny stock is key to success,anyone supply any advice about finding hot penny stock?

Jillybean asked:

i am currently looking for a good strong penny stock to invest in…. witch penny stock is the best one out there

Princessd1010 asked:

Looking for a start-up company, something temporarily low, ect. If it is so good you don’t want to publish it online and would rather email me personally please feel free.


I know nothing is for certain in the market but I want to know the most reliable way.


I’ve herd of Penny stock but, I don’t know is they exesit


I have 127K shares of a penny stock that is trading between $0.06 & 0.07. I do not want to sell right away, but I want to have it in an account. Can anyone suggest a place to deposit this certificate?


What are the main indicators of a good strong non scam?


Hi! I am 15 and I love trading penny stocks, but the problem is finding one… What do you guys use to find a good stock before it rises? (Also, which stock market works best for you? Scottrade, Etrade, etc.)
Thanks! Have a wonderful day :)

Justin H asked:

i want to buy penny stocks, however many online trading website charge a high commission, ex, ScotTrade, is there any website charge less for penny stocks?


This company has never been on the NASDAQ and in order to get on it for the first time they want to use a reverse stock split. Is this a sign of good or bad for the companies future?

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