Do you think ” Beats Headphones ” build with premium quality?


” Beats Headphones ” By Dr.Dre are Cheap.


A “Tricky” Beats designer makes you think that these headphones build with a durable plastic but that’s not true..

You will see your favorite stars holding these headphones in their videos, but this is just a marketing thing, just a trick to attract people. Beats by Dre headphones are cheap and sound quality is not up to that level what you are expecting from these high budget headphones, beats audio headphone’s are becoming so popular day by day but you know what they are selling with the premium price..

Thanks to PopMech they provide us more details on these headphones , they find out the hidden answers behind this shiny headphones. They said that company cut the corners from everywhere it is possible, these headphones are so cheaply made them glue the pieces together instead of using screws.. In the pic down there you will see how much plastic they use and how much metal they use you will see the difference clearly by yourself..

Beats headphones are actually so cheap they have to add metal on it to make them looks heavier.

beats heaphone


In this above picture you will see the total weight of plastic used in these headphones are 0.086 and the weight of metal pieces are 0.036..

“I personally think that’s why we have to buy this crap, if you want authentic sound and premium quality build headphones with a great sound there are so many other brands in the market you can buy. “