Benefits of Drones

benefits of drones
benefits of drones

Benefits of Drones

Do you know what is the other word for the Drones?

NO, Drones are also Known as UAS (unmanned aircraft system), I am sure you must have seen the drones in FPS games like call of duty, battlefield for lethal activities but these drones are used for fun not for spying or lethal activities. These drones are just like other remote controlled toys which are used for fun. Drones are also controlled by mobile phones like iPhone.



Types of Drones

There are mainly two types of drones the domestic type of drones and combat type of drones. Combat ready drones are used by the military for lethal use, for spying or killing enemies. These types of drones are bigger in size, powerful and fully weaponized, but today we aren’t talking about those drones lets talk about domestic types of drones first which we used at homes for fun.

Benefits of Drones

It’s all up to you what kind benefits you want from your drone. Here are some benefits of drones down below:

1. Make cool videos:

Mostly people buy Drones to make a video with them, Drones had cameras installed already so you can make a video from higher altitude, it looks so cool.

2. Affordable:

you can easily buy drone with camera in just 50 $ from amazon.

3. Reach places where you can’t:

you can reach those places where you never reach like under the bridge, if you want to see the honey bee nest from close you can easily do with your drone, the possibilities are endless.

4. Click photos of celebrities:

you can click photos of celebrities like a paparazzi where you can’t reach :).

5. Money saver :

if you are directing a film and you are out of budget for helicopter for shooting a film scenes from above you can easily do that with drone.


Cheapest drone with camera :

Cheapest drone with camera you can buy is UDI U818A, you can easily buy this drone in just 50 dollars from amazon.


Most popular Drones list :

1. UDI U818A

 UDI U818A









2. Blade Nano QX RTF












3. DJI Phantom 2

DJI Phantom 2










4. Parrot Bebop drone

Parrot Bebop drone
Parrot Bebop drone












for the video by drone click the video down below:

this video is created by : Epic Drone Videos