Can Lexus Hoverboard hover on the surface for real ?

Lexus Hoverboard
Lexus Hoverboard

Ques: Can Lexus Hoverboard floats on the surface for real ?

The answer is yes.. it is..

Did you remember the movie “Back in the future 2” kids are using hoverboards which floats above the surface without touching the grounds.

back in the future 2 hoverboard
back in the future 2 hoverboard

It looks just a sci-fiction but not now Lexus build a hoverboard which actually floats on the surface for real. on 4th of august 2015 lexus revealed their latest video on that hoverboard in Motion campaign. I remember when lexus launch their first video in june and that video goes viral, majority of people don’t believe that. People were all very surprised that this video is real or fake. but now lexus show it’s latest video in motion.


Welcome to the World of LEXUS HOVERBOARD

Here is the latest video of lexus hoverboard down below.

 Video by : LexusVehicles

How it Works?

now, the question is how it works? Lexus use Maglev Technology to make this hoverboard fully functional. Maglev derived from magnetic levitation. This maglev technology is the same technology used in trains like Shanghai Maglev Train. This train has no wheels this train floats on a maglev track without touching the track. this reduce the great amount of friction and the train will move with very high speed. In simple words you know magnets have north pole and south pole, do you know what happen when you place two magnets with same poles beside each other, they repel. The same principle is used in Lexus Hoverboard.

After watching the video i am sure there is a question moving in your mind that what is the white smoke and why it is coming from the hoverboard?

Well, that white smoke is a nitrogen-cooled superconductors that use to cool down the magnets and make it perform better in simple words.

It looks cool, but their is a problem with this hoverboard you can’t hover on the simple surface like roads and concretes like other simple hoverboards with wheels do. you need a magnetic metal track to enjoy this hoverboard. but Lexus convert a simple skate park into magnetic skate park in Barcelona to solve this problem. they insert hundreds of small magnets into the surface to make this project working and they succeed. they took 18 months to complete this project.

Lexus and Evico installed magnets throughout a skate park in Barcelona to make their hoverboard fully functional. Source:
Lexus and Evico installed magnets throughout a skate park in Barcelona to make their hoverboard fully functional. Source: Lexus via Bloomberg