Change android into ios


Change android into ios

if you want to change your android device into ios look then you have to download few apps. which we give you the links to download.. after download these apps you have install these apps one by one and that’s it, your phone almost looks like ios ..

Mostly people choose android phone because they are cheap and there are so many well known phone manufacturers are manufacturing their phones with androids like :- samsung, htc, sony and many more, there are so many varieties of android phones are available in the market now, but they don’t know that android is the most customizable OS in the market. you can easily root you device and make it more customizable but rooting is the another topic. if you want to know what the rooting is click here for “why we need to root android and what we can do with the rooted device”. if you want to know the process “how to root your device” then click here.

but for now click these links below to download the apps to customize your android to look like ios.

Links :


Control centre:…

ios 8 lockscreen:…

and here is the video that shows how to install these apps enjoy.. 🙂

This video is produced by : TECHNOLIONX