Fastest Internet Connection Around The World


These days everyone wants fast internet because they have to upload videos , download stuff and surfing on the  internet . We don’t have time to sit around to our pc and waiting for video to be loaded.. now these days almost everyone have a pc or smartphone at least. So people want fast internet so they can do their stuff quickly. now lets see what are the average speed of internet around the world..

But First I have to tell you the World Wide Average Speed of the Fast internet is 4.5 Mbps.

Here is the list top five countries which have the fastest internet connections ..

5. Sweden






The average Speed of internet in the Sweden is 14.1 Mbps. it also happens to be the home of the most popular Torrent site “the pirate bay” and Sweden is also the first country which transfer the 3g connection to the 4g connection.

4. Switzerland







The average Speed of internet in the Switzerland is 14.5 Mbps. It is not the destination for skiing Switzerland have the fast internet connection too. if you are planning to go Switzerland then you don’t worry about the internet..

3. Japan






The average Speed of internet in the Japan is 15 Mbps. you can get 100 Mbps internet connection for only 25 US dollars .. how about that? 🙂

2. Hong kong








The average Speed of internet in the Hong Kong is 16.3 Mbps. this is the home for the fastest internet connection with a very cheap price e.g Guess how much cost you have to pay for 300 Mbps internet connect ? the answer is only 50 Dollars and there is another internet service provider who can offer 1Gbps for only 26 Dollars Us .. Wow this is the cheapest internet connection ever isn’t it..?

1. North Korea





And at last the no. 1 fastest average internet connection is in North Korea with the speed of 25.3 Mbps. and you know how much you pay for 1Gbps Speed of internet connection in North Korea? only 20 US Dollars .. Can you believe that.. 😮