ME asked:

I need the money to pay off my final loan

  • How do I put a sell price on my penny stock using Scottrade?
  • I’d like to invest in a penny stock but my direct investing account won’t deal with penny stocks how do I buy?
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  • How to sell my restricted penny stock?
  • Where can I deposit a Penny stock traded on the OTC?
  • How to find a good penny stock? Help?
  • Best online broker to trade any penny stock?
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    2 Responses to “How do I close my scottrade account when I have penny stock that won’t sell?”

    1. The Old Guy on February 28th, 2013 1:24 pm

      Question with your remarks are confusing

      To close an account you can just stop using it. If you have money in the account just request a check

      If you have a penny stock that won’t sell,how are you going to pay off a loan if the stock has no value (since it does not have a market, there is no value)

      Since the stock has no market, there no sense in trying to “get money out” since there is no money
      If you need a write off, you could call the Customer Service department and ask them if they will “do a dollar for the lot” (sell all the stock for $1) which will generate a confirmation and/or shows your statement which can be used for a valid tax loss

    2. Paul on March 3rd, 2013 5:31 pm

      invest in ACUR stock is a great place to invest because the stock it blow 52week average so in the short term it will increase really fast when it in the market earning again.