Are there any legal issues concerning stock advice? I don’t want to et sued by a company for saying their stock is a scam

  • Is it illegal having a twitter account dedicated to penny stock advice?
  • The form is important
  • Is promoting a penny stock using legitimate press releases and accurate information perfectly legal?
  • LA legal personnel can be a real help!
  • A web dedicated server meets all your business needs
  • As long as you have a clear disclaimer, is having a penny stock newsletter and getting paid to promote legal?
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    One Response to “If I want to make a twitter account dedicated to penny stock advice, is that legal?”

    1. John J on November 17th, 2012 10:13 am

      Yes, but make sure you do not have to register as an investment adviser and you must completely in detail disclose all compensation received. The anti-fraud laws also apply. Check with a securities attorney