Highest zoom lens on Earth


Highest zoom lens on earth

The canon 5200mm is very unique and very rarest highest zoom lens on earth. This lens made in japan. This lens is the largest and most powerful prime lens ever created for SLR purposes. This lens has a great history, this is made not just for looking at the stars, it useful for other things as well like spying on enemies.

watch the zoom.  click this video..

This video is created by : HDCAMAN

It believes that cannon produced only three of these monsters in the world. You can take photograph’s of your family without even knowing them.. You can spy easily on anybody around you, but the problem is this lens is so rare you can’t even find it, whoever have this monster  should never sell it again. This thing is priceless..

In the above video you will see how much zoom you can get from this thing.. Click the above video for zooming demonstration.

This lens is so powerful we can see take photographs for about 30 to 52 Kms away objects.

The size of this huge lens is 500mm wide x 600mm height. This lens is so heavy the weight of this canon 5200 mm is 100 kgs and it takes two people to lift this bulky lens.