Meet the best Phablet ever made by samsung | note 5 top features and specs.

note 5
note 5

Samsung Galaxy note 5 top features and specs.

Samsung reveals their new Samsung galaxy note 5 today in the mobile market. as you know Samsung’s note series are the king of phablet market. Samsung said “Note 5 is the best phone ever they made in note series”. it is the most powerful, most sleekest phablet Samsung ever made. if you compare Samsung galaxy S6 and Note 5 it seems Note 5 got the looks from Galaxy s6 but under the hood Note 5 is completely different from S6.

You can also say they bring back Note 4 again in terms of (no storage expansion and non removable battery) but for some people these are the problems and some are very happy. but in the design section the Note 5 is more promising than any other note series. Now they use metal and glass to make it Shinier, like Galaxy S6. The bezels around the 5.7″ screen are now more narrower and it looks so cool.

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Note 5 Top Features 

1. S Pen : Samsung making some improvements in Note 4 S Pen but they now do some more improvements in note 5’s S Pen. now, S Pen is more fuild and gives you more natural writing experience.

Now you can write note a quick note on the screen from an idle state in no time. now with the improved S Pen you can’t feel any lag while writing it’s like you are actually wrting with a pen it’s quite impressive improvent by samsung.

Note 5 spen
Note 5 spen

2. Design : Now in the design section Note 5 is completely different from other note series, samsung get rid of plastic in note 5 now they use glass and metal as they did with Galaxy S6. now note 5 looks more shinier. samsung wants their devices to look premium as HTC One M9 and iPhone 6 Plus.

3. Camera : In camera section they put the exact s6 camera in Note 5. nothing new but you can experience the power of S6 camera in Note 5 and S6 camera is the best smartphone camera available in the market till now.

4. live stream youtube video : This feature is especially for youtubers who are uploading there Livestream videos on YouTube. Now they can Livestream video on YouTube directly through their Note 5 no need for any application. Just open your camera login to your YouTube account and you are good to go.

These are the main note 5 top features bring us by samsung.

Specs are here:

Speaking of processor Samsung introduced “Exynos 7420 octa-core (2.1GHz quad + 1.5GHz quad)64bit , 14nm” in Note 5. which is the most powerful processor in the market till now. this kind of processor make multitasking more easier with no lag issues.

in Storage there are two variants available 32 or 64GB, UFS 2.0 and it is Non-expandable as obivious.

In Note 5 they put 4GB RAM in Note 4 it is only 3 GB of RAM they upgrade the RAM which is good in the term of speed.

Camera is the same 16 MP as S6 no difference and front facing camera is 5MP

Battery is now 4100 mAh (Non-removable)

Display remain same no difference as Note 4 5.7-inch QHD (2560×1440, 518 ppi) Super AMOLED

Release Date :

It will be available in the US on August 21, with pre-orders starting from today.


Here is the video byAndroid Authority