Samsung Gear s2 | the best looking smartwatch introduced by Samsung..


Samsung Gear S2 | probably the best looking smartwatch introduced by Samsung..

Lately Samsung give us a promo about their latest upcoming Smartwatch “Gear S2″, now Samsung changed the design it’s now in circular shape not in rectangular type anymore and made out of metal which looks more cool. in this video you will see the new interface for this smartwatch which looks kinda good as compare to previous smartwatch’s. Samsung said it will be released on next month September 3rd. Now the race begins between Samsung gear s2 Vs Apple watch. let’s see who’s gonna win this race. i personally think Samsung gear s2  looks more stylish and cooler than Apple Watch what you think? comment down below which one you like.. and click on this video down below for the first promo of ” samsung gear s2 “.

video by : Samsung Mobile

Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch in garish fashion shoot gallery..

Samsung gave the first glance of their smartwatch in the fashion-shoot organised by Samsung. have a look on these photos.