upcoming Need For Speed 2015


Need For Speed 2015 Game

We are playing need for speed from a decades and we enjoyed a lot , the main thing about these games are we can customize the hell out of the car,  “Underground 2” is the most customizable car game they ever made .. after that they introduce “Need for speed Most Wanted” this game  also had a huge success in the gaming market , we all enjoying police chasing , customization , storyline ,   but i m very disappointed when they introduce “nfs Undercover”  i mean no customization .. after that they launch so many games till 2015 but no success like “underground 2 or most wanted”..

but now Need For Speed developers give us hope that they are making the nfs underground 2 type game with full of customization.. they know what the fans wanted in nfs games. we want lots of customization in the game because we want that car which we are using in game should looks different from other player’s car..

but let’s see.. we are waiting for the game walk though promo or something so we can tell more about it..

but for now let’s watch the trailer “need for speed reboot 2015“..







Here is the trailer:- video by: Need for Speed