what is google fiber and why everyone desperately waiting for google fibre?

google-fiber is a new high speed internet which provides upto 1000/MBPS speed
google-fiber is a new high speed internet which provides upto 1000/MBPS speed

What is Google Fiber ?

Did you heard about Google fiber before, did you know what is Google fiber?

If not it’s ok, so what is Google fiber exactly? Well, it is another whole new level of internet with a tremendous speed. It is 100 times faster than your average internet connection as Google said.

You can get 1000 MBPS high speed internet with Google Fiber. This internet service is provided by Google itself, so this is going to be good.



There is another option given by Google fiber, generally you are paying one service provider for your TV and another for Internet, now Google has decided to get in the game and become that kind of service provider but with a lots of things you might want to consider over those other providers. Yes Google fiber provides you a Google TV as well with your internet service, but it’s all up to you. Google TV is good looking TV with Full HD 1080p resolution.There is only problem with this TV service right is there are lots of big channels are missing like ESPN, HBO but i would like to see Google TV improvements in the future and super high definition HD Tv does sound really awesome.



Google Fiber Plans

Lets talk About google fiber residential plans , there are three major plans introduced by google fiber..



  • In Basic Internet plan you have pay 300 $ for just installation, then you have to not to pay any monthly fee, there is another option you can pay monthly 25$ for 12 monthly only. It’s your choice is you want to pay in one time or pay monthly. In this plan your downloading speed is Up to 5Mbps and Uploading speed is 1Mbps.
  • In Gigabit Internet plan you have pay 70$ per month, and you don’t have to pay any installation fee, in this plan your Uploading speed is 1000Mbps and download speed.
  • In Gigabit + Tv Internet plan you have pay 130$ per month, and you don’t have to pay any installation fee, In this plan your Uploading speed is 1000Mbps and download speed. in this plan you can get a very beautiful full HD Google TVGoogle Box which handles high speed internet and a TV remote. In this plan you can get 150+ full HD channels, you can record Up to 8 shows at once and at last 1TB of cloud storage from Google.

There is a very special offer given by Google you will get A free Nexus 7 tablet with Gigabit + TV Internet plan.  You can use Nexus 7 tablet as a Remote of TV.


Here is the link you will see the list of Channel provided By Google Tv click here..

Where is Google Fiber Available yet?

Unfortunately Google fiber is only launched in some major cities in America.

here is the list of cities where Google Fibre is available..

  1. Atlanta
  2. Austin
  3. Charlotte
  4. Kansas City
  5. Nashville
  6. Provo
  7. Raleighdurham
  8. Salt Lake City

When Google Fiber is available in India?

It is very hard to say when Google Fiber is available in India, Google didn’t confirm on this topic but we are hoping that google will launch Google Fiber in India soon, may be in next couple of years, so people can enjoy and experience the tremendous high speed internet.