what is Project ARA?


The main concept behind the project ara is to prevent electronic waste and make the phone last longer . what should you do when your mobile is all working fine but only camera is not working or any other component is not working ?

Trashcan_furnitureyes , that’s right you put in the trash and buy a new phone. Do you know “electronic waste” is one of the fastest waste stream in the world.

20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed worldwide every year , yeah that’s right .

and our phone is the biggest cause of e-waste. you know electronic devices are not designed to last longer. so what is the solution for this problem what if we can can replace the faulty component very easily and don’t throw rest of our phone in the trash and we can customize our phone as our needs.

There is one solution for all of this “Project ARA” . the concept behind the “project ARA” is to make the phone customizable like your motorbikes or cars. that means base remains the same but you can add modules aka “blocks” according to your daily needs , like if you want a better battery life then just put a bigger battery module in it or if you want to like a bigger camera for better picture quality you just put a camera module in it and you just good to go.

it’s just like a lego game 🙂




Watch This Video by: Google ATAP