Why we need to root Android ?


Here are the reasons why we need to root Android.

As an Android user, you may hear the term “root” before, but there are questions in your mind like,  what is the root, why we need to root android phones and it is safe to root your device? Etc. Here are the answers you need to know about rooting.

What is root?

In simple terms rooting is basically to give root permissions to your phone. Rooting give you the power to install such applications which required root to install on your phone and without root you can’t install such applications like Titanium BackUp, Greenify etc. these applications need root access to install on your device. So, what is rooting? I give you a simple example, it’s just like to give administrator permissions to your Applications in windows or type ‘sudo’ in the command line to give Super User permission in Linux. In android you say ‘rooting’ and in iOS you will say ‘jailbreaking‘ both have the same meaning.

This is how any rooted app ask root permission
root permissions

In this above picture you will see how the rooted apps ask root permissions in the android device.

Why we need to root Android Devices?

Here are some best reasons why people love to root their android devices:

1. Install special kind of applications.

There are so many applications in the playstore which you can’t run without root access and believe me these applications are far better than unrooted  applications (those application which don’t need any root access). these rooted apps can directly communicate with the Android system files and they can tweak your Android experience in more extensive ways.

2. Huge Impact on performance of your device.

You may experiences with the low performance of your android device , it’s quite common with android devices after installing latest OS lollipop 5.1 you may find that your device lag so much but there is solution for that. you can overclock your cpu with the app called setcpu , with the help of this app you can modify your cpu speed. if you think that your phone is lag so much while gaming you just overclock your cpu speed and you are good to go but remember one think it may drain your battery quickly. it’s completely your choice what you want overclock or underclock.

setcpu setcpu

3. Improve your battery life.

Mostly all android users complain about the battery drainage issue but there is a solution of that, there are applications available in the playstore which can improve your battery life dramatically. Greenify is the best app you are looking for. you can easily find the free version of this app in the playstore. what Greenify does is, it will hibernate your apps which are running in the background and save your battery juice.

greenify greenify

4. Remove pre-installed crap.

when you open your android device first time there are bunch of pre-installed apps which comes with android OS which you never use in your life and sadly you can’t remove either, but if your phone is rooted you can remove this crap forever, like SPlanner, STranslatorOptical Reader etc with the help of System app remover app.

system_app_remover system_app_remover2


5. Install custom Roms.

you can easily install custom roms in rooted device, this is the main reason why people like to root their android devices. custom roms are much faster and more user-friendly than the stock ones.

6. Better backup Apps.

There are couple of apps available in the playstore for backing up your stuff like your music, contacts, settings etc but these apps backup your stuff into some limit. but there is a rooted app called Titanium Backup which can backup your Applications and other things deeply. no need to worry about format anymore. you can easily restore your entire Application,android settings, music, contacts with this app with just one click.

titanium titaniumbackup



7. CleanUp your internal space.

You can clean up your internal space with the help of Link2sd app, with the help of this app you can transfer your entire app data to external sd card.

link2sd link2sd

These are the main reasons why we need to root android devices.

it is safe to root your device?

The answer is yes, it is safe to root your android device unless you know how to do it properly. if you don’t know how to root your android device then we recommend you to don’t do it.

Things to remember while rooting your device..

It may void your warranty. It’s completely your decision whether you want to root your device under warranty or not. If you don’t care about the warranty, then go ahead and try rooting.

Be sure what you are doing. First, You gain proper knowledge about the rooted apps, what these apps are capable of or how we can recover if something went wrong. We highly recommended you to backup your entire phone first before do anything. If something goes wrong, you may lose your data forever.

In the next post we will discuss how we can root android device safely and easily…. stay tune..