Windows 10 top features that will make you eager to buy the windows 10.


Windows 10 top features that will make you eager to buy the window 10.

As you know windows 10 is released on 29th of july 2015 worldwide, After windows 8.1 i was expecting window 9 version to be released but i was wrong  Microsoft didn’t want to release window 9. they release window 10 instead of window 9 and why is that ? the reason is not very PARTICULAR. window 10 is still better to say than window 9. According to microsoft “window 10 is the major window update so far. so the name of the window should be great”.

now lets’s talk about windows 10 top features :

1. Cortana at your service.

Lately, Cortana is making a space in windows world. This is the first time Microsoft launch this new great feature in their windows and the response is very good, people love this new feature. This new features is a personal assistant similar to Siri and Google Now. you can ask anything to cortana with ” Hey cortana ” command.

Here is the video you can see cortana in action. video by Gnoggin :


2. Annoying Internet Explorer is gone from windows 10.

Yes, Internet Explorer is gone now. In majority people hate internet explorer and Microsoft knew that. so they decided to give some relief to the PC users and developers.

Now, they introduced Microsoft Edge, The brand new browser for windows. it says that this browser is so fast and stable as compare to internet explorer. the best feature of about the Microsoft Edge is you can make doodle directly on the your web browser. it will be great if you have a touch screen.


 3. “Windows Hello” for more security.

Are you worried about your passwords and other important stuff that you stored in your pc? but,not anymore, this new technology gives you the robust security that you never experience before in other OS. windows hello is designed to make your computing experience more personal and more secure ever. Windows Hello introduces biometric authentication which means, using your face, fingerprint or iris to unlock your device in real-time environment. no need to worry about someone hacks your password anymore.

click this video for more info about “window hello” video by :Windows

4. Pre-installed Directx 12 in windows 10.

As you know windows 10 introduced directx 12. You don’t have to need any seperate installation for directx 12 it’s pre-installed in Windows 10. but if you see directx 11 or directx 10 while checking in dxdiag on windows 10 that means your hardware is not supported by directx 12. you have to upgrade your hardware to experience the power of directx 12 and believe me directx 12 is the major upgrade in the gaming world. directx 12 gives you more boost while gaming.

In image down below shows how the directx 12 have a huge impact on graphic efficiency.


5. Classic Start Menu is back in windows 10

After window 7 windows 8 comes with metro style start menu and be honest with you nobody likes metro style start menu in windows 8. It seems like not a big issue, but some people don’t like to install window 8 because of this little thing. people are regularly complaining about this in the forms. So microsoft fix this problem and bring back it’s classic menu in windows 10.


These are the Windows 10 top features you have to know..

How to upgrade window 10 for free?

It’s easy, if you are windows 8 or Windows 7 user you will see the windows icon in your system tray shown in the image down below.


First,you have to reserve your windows 10. you already do that then you will see a notification about to download your windows 10 for free.

If you didn’t reserve your windows 10 then you have to download this media creation tool click here . if you are lucky then you will able to download your windows 10 for free. this offers ends on 30th of july so hurry up.

Price of Windows 10.

if you missed the opportunity to download windows 10 for free then you have to buy windows 10 if you want to experience the new beautiful windows.

there are three variant of windows 10

1. Windows 10 Home Edition

2. Windows 10 Pro Edition

3.  Windows 10 Enterprise Edition

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 Home will have an estimated retail price of $119. The Pro version will be around $199, and upgrading from Home Edition to Pro Edition will cost you $99. you can buy only home and pro edition yet. Enterprise Edition price will be available soon.. 

What are the prices of Windows 10 in india?

You can buy the full version of Home Edition for Rs 7,999 and Rs 14,999 for the Pro Edition.


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